domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

OH MY...

One word... flawless. I think that nobody could possibly wear this dress as good as she did, she is amazing. Rihanna is one of my idols, I could write and write about her and never get tired of it. I adore her and the main reason is because of her own SPECTACULAR STYLE, she is simply adorable.
That was a brief introduction, but the point of this post is to show you my favorite Grammy Awards dresses and the reason why i was looking at all the Grammys dresses is because i always do that :) but specially today because i need ideas for my prom dress and the red carpet looks are a great inspiration ;)
Rihanna´s dress was my favorite, she was wearing this Viktor&Rolf dress for Clive Davis Grammys Party. I also love the Louboutin shoes, the color is so cute!

Miley Cyrus wore a Herve Leger dress, beautiful shoes by Balenciaga and my personal favorite part of her outfit was the jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz and Ofira Schwartz it is AMAZING. She looks great, im in love with the dress color!

Lea Michelle dress was one of my favorites, too. The whole outfit is simply beautiful, the feathers look great. I loved it.

Carrie Underwood´s dress by Jenny Packham is gorgeous. I love how she is wearing everything in silver, it is one of my favorite colors.
did you like them? :)
source: justjared

miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010


im sticking to my promise, so here i am with a new post :)

i wore this today, it was f&%$#"! hot. as soon as i left my house i had to take my jacket off and yeah good thing i had my sunglasses on considering they arent completely see through or anything.. :P well what else could be expected, i bought them for $5 haha
the last picture is one of my first pages on my scrapbook, i made it on december. I will show you more of these in the future<3333

martes, 26 de enero de 2010

lonely beatle

hiiiii there! so school is keeping me really busy so im going to try harder to post everyday or at least 3 post per week...wish me luck :)

im in love with the beatles and im a huge fan i never get tired of listening to them and i love every single song they did. They are an amazing inspiration to me and i love this picture, it was taken during winter break a month ago in miami and that is why im wearing a big coat because it was really cold there, at least for me :P

viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

I´ll follow the sun...365 days!

hey :)
Today was a sunny day like every other day here in Ecuador! Well, if you dont know we dont have winter or fall here we just have summer and spring, if you can call it that way but it never has been this hot. Last summer was the hottest summer ever and it hasnt stop since then, it doesnt rain and it couldnt be warmer... well im not complaining because i love sun and warm weather but ive never seen snow, so it would be nice if we had snow at least for one day... yes i dream A LOT haha if someone lives in some place where it snows, it would made me really happy if you shared your snow story with me :) and if it is not your case then tell how is the weather in your country?
I was wearing this for my mothers birthday this week, family dinner! NICE! i love my shoes, they are from my country and very very special to me, i will say this is an important part of our native outfit (i dont know if i said that right :p ) so enjoy i hope you liked them ;)

Hope you guys have a great day<333

sábado, 16 de enero de 2010


hey :) im happy to finally have a blog! I was thinking about having one since last year but i was very busy with school so i promised myself that i would start one by the end of January and here i am! These pictures were taken last week in my room, i love black and white pictures<33