viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

I´ll follow the sun...365 days!

hey :)
Today was a sunny day like every other day here in Ecuador! Well, if you dont know we dont have winter or fall here we just have summer and spring, if you can call it that way but it never has been this hot. Last summer was the hottest summer ever and it hasnt stop since then, it doesnt rain and it couldnt be warmer... well im not complaining because i love sun and warm weather but ive never seen snow, so it would be nice if we had snow at least for one day... yes i dream A LOT haha if someone lives in some place where it snows, it would made me really happy if you shared your snow story with me :) and if it is not your case then tell how is the weather in your country?
I was wearing this for my mothers birthday this week, family dinner! NICE! i love my shoes, they are from my country and very very special to me, i will say this is an important part of our native outfit (i dont know if i said that right :p ) so enjoy i hope you liked them ;)

Hope you guys have a great day<333

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  1. love your outfit, it just looks sooo good on u! your shoes are really original! :)
    well i am a little bit jealous about your seasons. i live in the Czech rep. (middle part of Europe) and we have all the 4 seasons. i love summer and spring, i dont mind autumn but i really hate winter!!! its just soo cold and freezing, snow is like everywhere. well i dont care if it falls in the mountains but in cities? (cuz i live in our capital) uuuugh! hate it! its not even white here because of lots of people walking on it and cars, etc. so its like brown and dirty. well anyways it has got its own magic, especially during the Christmas times. however its my less favourite time of the year ;)

  2. hey thank you so much for sharing your story with me! im sure snow has its own magic and i would love to see it someday im thinking maybe next winter because i will be in London by that time! i cant wait! :)

  3. hey. love your outfit ! i just thought that i could share my story too. i 'm from finland (between sweden and russia) and it's been so snowy winter that i don't remember when. in our back yard there is snow over 1 meter! CHECK OUT:

    there is a car under the snow.
    it is hard o find a good looking outfit when it's -20 degrees outside! have a nice "winter" ;)


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