miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010


im sticking to my promise, so here i am with a new post :)

i wore this today, it was f&%$#"! hot. as soon as i left my house i had to take my jacket off and yeah good thing i had my sunglasses on considering they arent completely see through or anything.. :P well what else could be expected, i bought them for $5 haha
the last picture is one of my first pages on my scrapbook, i made it on december. I will show you more of these in the future<3333

5 comentarios:

  1. Love the jeans and sunglasses!
    Wish I was somewhere were there is sun now!!
    X, fashionnerdic

  2. thank you girls :)
    nerdic i know this may sound crazy but living with sun almost everyday is not as pretty as it sounds, i miss rain sometimes :(

  3. the outfit is so cool !!
    and i wish to see a little sun sometimes ! :)

    i love your blog !

  4. thank you so much lisanne :)
    your blog is great, im definitely following it!


two words... THANK YOU ;)