jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

im feeling wild

hiiii I can not believe it´s february already! January went by so fast, I hate this :/
I was talking about this with my friends and we decide that we should plan a trip so thats what im doing right now ;) the good thing is that we dont have school for like three days after valentines day, so we will try to enjoy this little vacation.
I was wearing this today, my room is a little messy but it always is, when I am getting ready to go somewhere :P

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  2. que guapa eres :) buen fin de semana!

  3. time flyes, how true is that! good luck planning a trip! PS. lovely blog by the way, i enjoyed my stay!

  4. me encanta tu cinta del pelo!!!! eres guapísima!!!

    un besazooo

  5. thank you all!
    thanks for taking the time to write me a comment it really means a lot to me:)
    Sophie your blog is AMAZING i love it, i will keep you updated on how my trip went, thank you for the comment!
    Alexandra me encanta tu estilo y tu blog es increible es uno de mis favoritos! Muchas gracias tu también eres guapisima y la pepa es un amor, es una estrella haha

  6. love your leopard print headband!!!



two words... THANK YOU ;)