martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Let me take you down cause im going to...

Hiii everyone:)
This weekend was a lot of fun I went to a new bar with my best friends and we had a great time, the bar is amazing I could live there, the Beatles are all over the place and that’s a really good thing because I cant get enough of them<33 I think you will see a lot of pictures of me being there because that’s how it always is, every time me and my friends find a new place we go there every weekend until it gets old but I have a feeling this place wont get old in a very long time:) I’ll take better pictures next time I go…maybe this weekend? ;)












domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

i just love old movies

I was in love with Alexander Wang Sunglasses since the first time I saw them but yesterday I fall even more for them because I was watching (maybe for the fourth time) a movie called “How to marry a millionaire”. It is a classic from the 50's starring Marilyn Monroe and that is the main reason I watched it for the very first time. Marilyn Monroe is one of my idols I absolutely love her I think she is incredibly gorgeous and I will definitely do a post of her soon so you can understand how obsessed I am with her :)
Like I said before it was the fourth or maybe fifth time I watch this movie but yesterday I realize that the glasses she wears in the movie resemble the sunglasses of Alexander Wang.
I know they are not identical but they do look alike ;)
And that is another good reason to get one of those.
I want to show you both of them and then you can tell me what you think.

jueves, 1 de abril de 2010


i know im the worst blogger ever and this time im not going to promise you guys anything because i love blogging but time is always a problem my senior year has been horrible and i know school is always horrible but this year is incredibly horrible the good news are that i have SEMANA SANTA now that means spring break :D no school for two weeks im so excited you will hear more from me these days ;)
oooh i almost forgot what the point of this post really was...I HAVE A NEW CAMERA
yes yes im so happy ive been taking pictures of everything im definitely in love.
i have a question for anyone who is reading this and is very kind and wants to help me!
the thing is im thinking about going on an exchange program for a year and i have two options Canada or New Zealand i just dont know where to go ive heard a lot of great things about both of them so if someone that has already been in any of these countries could tell me how is life there ( i just re-read this and this sounds stupid...anyways) or anything you want to tell me, it really means a lot to me and i would really apreciate it
thankkkk yoooouuu
my new camera YAY Nikon D3000 perfection